Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney

1216_Cheney Waterboarding

Dick Cheney Snarls His Defense of Waterboarding

The sole purpose of Cheney's obnoxious attacks on Obama is to whip up hatred.


Dick Cheney Bust Unveiled on Capitol Hill

George W. Bush and Joe Biden both spoke at the event.


Why Is The Republican Leadership Boosting Dick Cheney?

The unabashed neo-con militarist views of Cheney are being heartily commended.


Obama Seals Iran Deal as Cheney Warns of Consequences

Forty one senators now back the deal, despite critics warning it may pave the way for an Iranian nuclear attack on the U.S.

Dick Cheney

13 Ways Obama Is Ruining America, According to Dick Cheney’s New Memoir

In their new book, "Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America," Dick and Liz Cheney say President Obama is what's wrong with the world.


Dick Cheney Can’t Help Himself

The former veep is attacking Obama—and Hillary.


Dick Cheney’s Biggest Lie

What we knew then should have kept the U.S. out of Iraq, but the president wasn't told everything.


The Iraq War: Bush’s Biggest Blunder

How the Bush administration used a terrorist tragedy to wage an unnecessary war.


Dick Cheney on CIA Methods: ‘I’d Do It Again in a Minute'

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, the former VP defended the CIA's interrogation methods.


Dick Cheney: I Have No Regrets About the Iraq War

Says Obama should spend more on defense, less on roads, food stamps