Russian Plot: White House Denials Fail to Convince

Priebus wriggles in his effort to deny campaign involvement.


Why the Flynn-Russia Affair Is So Troubling for Donald Trump

To reach the desk of the FBI director, the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador had to clear high counterintelligence hurdles.

Russian Su-27

NATO Intercepts Russian Bombers Above Baltic Sea Twice in One Week

The Il-22 were followed by fighter jets whose transponders were switched off.

Russian soldier walks past tails of Su25 jets

Russian Support For Compulsory Military Service At Peak

The last three years have seen high support for conscription.


Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Dies Suddenly at Work in New York

The ambassador was a strong supporter of Russian policy, and his death comes just one day before his 65th birthday.

Pence and Juncker

U.S. VP Mike Pence Makes EU Reassurance Stops

Pence told EU officials that he carried a message of unity from President Donald Trump.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

French Foreign Minister Condemns Russia Over Interference in Election

Pro-EU presidential hopeful Macron has been targeted, while pro-Russian Le Pen has not.


We Need a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Russian Plot

Trump may be required to answer questions during the investigation.


Global Arms Sales Climb to Post Cold War Peak

The U.S. and Russia are behind over half of all arms sales.


Information-Age Nazis—Experts' Views on neo-Nazism

According to experts, the next Hitler will appear wrapped in a flag, promising protection from Islam.


A Leading Conservative on Why Trump Should Be Fired

Trump is too rigid and too uneducated to make the shift to good leadership.

Michael Flynn

We Can’t Let Intelligence Agencies Undermine American Democracy

We are witnessing an attempt by some shadowy intelligence operatives to destabilize America for ideology, money and power.


What’s the Best Way to Investigate Trump and Russia?

The art of the congressional investigation is a fine one, and the GOP is blowing it.

Petr Pavel

Top Nato General: Expect More Fake News From Russia

Russia was allegedly behind a false report of a rape by German soldiers in Lithuania.


Angela Merkel Says Europe Must Work With Russia to Battle Islamist Terrorism

The Chancellor also said it was critical to include Muslim countries in the fight against terrorism.

Trump and Putin

Could Russia’s Trump Honeymoon Be Over So Soon?

Trump's top men arrive in Europe as a colder, western wind blows over Moscow.


Flynn Told FBI He Didn't Talk Sanctions With Russia

Flynn's Jan. 24 interview with the FBI could expose him to charges, since lying to the agency is a felony, but any decision to prosecute would lie with the Justice Department.

Donald Trump

Trump Denies Aides Had Contact with Russia

His denial came as former national security adviser Michael Flynn, in FBI interview, reportedly denied discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador, something that could leave him open to charges.


Russia Demands Pentagon Explanation Of Mattis’s 'Position of Strength' Comments

Mattis said the U.S. should ensure its diplomats "negotiate from a position of strength."

Vladimir Putin

How Will Moscow React to Donald Trump's Russia Crisis?

The allegations linking Trump's administration and Russia are likely to affect Putin's long-term plans.