Obama Warns Trump to Keep Russia Sanctions and Nuclear Talks Separate

Trump said in an interview with the Times of London published on Monday that he would propose offering to end sanctions on Moscow in return for a nuclear arms reduction deal.

Nikki Haley

U.N. Pick Breaks with Trump on Russia, Supports Current Sanctions

She considered Russian actions in Syria such as bombing hospitals "war crimes."

Lithuania armed forces hack

Lithuanian Politicians Push for Defense Spending Hike Over NATO Target

The defense committee recommends raising spending in the face of new political challenges.

Dodon and Putin

Moldova’s Prime Minister and President At Odds After Putin Trip

The Moldovan president claimed that the country could scrap its deal with the EU.

Joe Biden, Davos

Davos: Joe Biden Warns of Russian Threat to International Liberal Order in Final Speech

Biden's comments come two days before Donald Trump's inauguration as U.S. president.


Kremlin Tells Ukraine That the Status of Annexed Crimea Is Non-Negotiable

Russia annexed the peninsula in 2014 and also supports separatist rebels in the east of Ukraine.

Marine Le Pen

Russian Officials Invite Marine Le Pen to Crimea

Ukraine has called her views on the peninsula "historically and legally worthless."


Senate Dems Ask Sessions to Recuse Himself from Russia Probes

The letter also asked Sessions, who as attorney general would be the country's top law enforcement official and head of the Justice Department, to commit to not shutting down any investigation into Russia's activities.

Abkhaz troops

2,000 Russian Troops to Practice Tank Fire in Georgian Breakaway Region

Abkhazia and South Ossetia consider themselves independent from Tbilisi.

Sherlock - The Final Problem

Russian PM Medvedev Saves First Like for Sherlock Finale

It seems he's a fan of a certain British detective.

Maria Zakharova

Russia Accuses U.S. Intelligence of Attempting to Recruit Diplomat

According to a ministry spokeswoman, the diplomat was purchasing cancer drugs at the time.


Time to Shine a Light on Putin’s American Propaganda Arm

Why isn't Russia's American TV channel RT registered as a foreign agent?


CIA Director Brennan Warns Trump to be Careful With Loose Rhetoric

"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests," the outgoing CIA chief says.

Putin Trump

Russia Claims Increased Cyber Attacks On Its Systems From Abroad

Secretary of Russia's Security Council notes a 'significant increase in attempts to inflict harm on Russia's informational systems from external forces.'


Trump Says He'd Drop Obama's Sanctions if Russia is Helpful

President-elect also tells the "Wall Street Journal" he's not committed to the "one China" principle.


Putin’s Bridge to Crimea Is Doomed to Collapse

Hazards include mud volcanoes and a sludgy bottom unsuitable for foundations.


New Poll Finds Americans Consider Russia a Threat Post-Election

The Jan. 9-12 survey found that 82 percent of American adults, including 84 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans, described Russia as a general "threat" to the United States.

Michael Flynn

Trump Adviser Made Several Calls to Russian Envoy as U.S. Announced Retaliation

The conversations appear to raise further questions about contacts between Trump's advisers and Russian officials.


Donald Trump Needs to Wake Up and Face the Reality of What Russia Is Doing

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has implied that the Russia sanctions might be reconsidered once Trump is in office.


Thanks to Leaked Trump Dossier, ‘Kompromat’ Culture Has Infected America

Meaning "compromising information," kompromat has taken hold in U.S. politics and media.