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How Jeff Bezos Is Hurtling Toward World Domination

The Amazon CEO has cornered online retail, jumped ahead in artificial intelligence with Echo, carved out a powerful spot in the media industry and is even dabbling in spaceflight. And he may be just getting warmed up.


Outing the CIA’s ‘Undertaker’

In decades past, the CIA had reporters on its payroll. Now the press can inadvertently do its bidding.

Donald Trump

Can the Media Fight Back Against Trump?

Some tug-of-war between the press corps and presidential campaigns is normal. But Trump has taken it to a whole new level.


After President Obama’s Orders, What’s Next for Solitary Confinement?

The president's executive actions on prison conditions are giving an extra push of momentum that already exists in some states.


Media Outlets Protest Criminal Charges Filed Against Journalists Last Year in Ferguson

More than three dozen news organizations are asking Ferguson officials to drop criminal charges brought against two reporters.


Green Beret Major Forced to Resign After Affair With Journalist in Afghanistan

Jim Gant lived with former Washington Post reporter Ann Scott Tyson in a Conex hut in a tribal village overrun with militants, according to ABC News.


China Is the World’s Worst Jailer of Journalists: Report

In 2014, 220 journalists were imprisoned worldwide, the second worst year on record, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists reports.


Elections Forecasting Battle Royale: Who Was Right, Who Was Wrong?

With the results in, we can see who was right and who was wrong.