Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Wants to Start a Delivery Service to the Moon

Jeff Bezos wants to start a shipping route to the moon to help start a colony.


Donald Trump Meets With Facebook, Google, Amazon Chiefs

Tech leaders who have long been critical of the president-elect were invited to meet with him at Trump Tower.

Mary Ghobrial, Chief Commercial Officer, SOUQ

White Friday: Middle East’s Jeff Bezos Looks to Capitalize on Black Friday Tradition

Souq, the Amazon of the Middle East, aims to break its own records in third year of sales bonanza.


What Yahoo’s Past May Say About Apple’s Future

Innovative Amazon may lead us into the cloud era while Apple apes Yahoo's creative and business decline.


Will Hillary Clinton’s Economic Policies Lead to Stagnation?

Look through the entire Democratic national platform, and it's clear the party of "inclusion" holds out no welcome mat to innovation and growth.


Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos Becomes World’s Third Richest

Bezos owns 18 percent of Amazon's shares.


Amazon: How the World's Largest Retailer Keeps Tax Collectors at Bay

Nobody likes to pay taxes—but few are as adept at avoiding them as Amazon.


How Jeff Bezos Is Hurtling Toward World Domination

The Amazon CEO has cornered online retail, jumped ahead in artificial intelligence with Echo, carved out a powerful spot in the media industry and is even dabbling in spaceflight. And he may be just getting warmed up.


Trump the Tech Dinosaur Flails at Ascendant Amazon

Trump uses Twitter for his purposes. But when has he identified the tech sector as an important source of economic growth?


After Being In the Red One Year Ago, Amazon Records Profit

Amazon is shedding its longstanding reputation as a company who could not make a big profit with another record quarter.

space tourism blue origin jeff bezos amazon

Space Tourism Lifting Off in 2018 with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

The Amazon founder plans to launch tourists into space with Blue Origin within two years.


'Star Wars’ Class Wars: Is Mars the Escape Hatch for the 1 Percent?

The bottom line: Only the wealthy will have the means to move to Mars.

11-24-15 New Shepard

Watch: Jeff Bezos’s Company Blue Origin Launches and Lands a Rocket

New Shepard successfully launched and then touched back down unharmed.


Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Heads to the 'Space Coast'

Jeff Bezos is going where no dot-comer has gone before.


Amazon, Like Its Namesake, Operates by the Law of the Jungle

Most people say about Amazon, "But it makes things so easy," "They are cheaper than anyone else."


Amazon Can’t Sell $83 Million Worth of Fire Phones

Sitting on a supply of smartphones, what is next for the e-commerce giant?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is Now Richer than the Google Guys (Not to Mention the Winklevi)

A surge in Facebook stock has made the 30-year-old CEO the world's 16th richest person


Amazon’s New Smartphone Is Engineered to Sell You Products on Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos debuted the company's new smartphone in Seattle.